Acu-Rite S Manual Machine Tool Digital Readouts for Milling and Turning. Acu-Rite S DRO packages with Linear Encoders for almost any manual. Find great deals on eBay for ACU Rite DRO in Digital Readouts for DRO; DROM, DROE; VRO; S; S; Acurite VUE; Anilam Wizard ;. Acu-Rite S DRO. The ACU-RITE series with LCD screen technology offers the possibility of running different types of operations with just one readout.

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Acu-Rite DRO

The following probing soft key functions are available: This page was last updated: Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. The current selection is shown on the soft key and in the plane field.

Mounting arm is unused If I cannot determine the proper resolution of the scales, when setting up the new DRO what should I use to set the scales? Introduction Software Version The software version is shown on the initial power up screen. Page 74 II – 1 Installation Setup Linear Error Compensation Linear error compensation can be applied, if the results of the comparison with a reference standard 020s a linear deviation over the whole measuring length.

I – 1 Fundamentals of Positioning I – 1 Fundamentals of Positioning Datums The workpiece drawing identifies a certain point on the workpiece example: Incline, and Arc Milling form entry The following 200 keys are available while in the entry form.

AcuRite S Digital Readout

This User’s Manual covers the functions of the S for both milling, and turning applications. This prevents inadvertent adjustments to the installation setup parameters.

Tool diameter offsets have no applications with turning tools, so this functionality is not available while doing turning presets. There are two main options available for reference marks; fixed and distance-coded.

The S DRO is available in two, and three axis form. If you are turning threads, for example, vectoring lets you see the diameter of the thread in the X-axis display, even though you are moving the cutting tool with the compound axis handwheel.

Acu-Rite VUE 200S 532882-02 Digital Readout DRO

It will show the distance between the current position and the nominal position. Probing function Circle Center First center point coordinate, e. Operational information is arranged in cau-rite sections: Desired coordinate of the centerline: They can be recalled, and executed from the DRO. Originally Posted by greggv. Table of Contents S Key Layout The cursor will default to the Tool Table form.

Acu-Rite S or VUE?

A printer, or computer may be connected to the serial port. Page 12 Measured Value Output Probing with a Tool If using a tool, or non-electrical edge finder to set datum points, the S probing functions can still be used.

Press to access the linear pattern table. Page 53 I – 3 Milling Specific Operations Circle, or Linear Pattern Execution 8 To execute a circle, or linear pattern, enter the data in the pattern form to be executed.

I – 1 Fundamentals of Positioning Datums The workpiece drawing identifies a certain point on the workpiece example: Press the DOWN arrow key to select the item you need.

Set centerline between two workpiece edges as datum 0 is offered as a default value for the coordinate. Press it again to stop time from elapsing.

This clearance is referred to as backlash. SETUP soft key is displayed. To view information on another topic: In this mode, all moves are done by traveling until the display matches the nominal position that is required.