Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra (In 2 Volumes) Hindi One can safely say that Hindu astrology took its birth through the teachings of Parasara, the sage of sages. Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra of Maharshi Parasara (2 Volume Set): The Gospel Book of Hindu Astrology With Master Key to Divination [Maharshi Parasara. : Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra: Guide to Hindu Astrology ( ): S. Maharishi Parasara: Books.

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bdihat Please try again later. This is what Maharishi Parashar suggests to be considered. Its ruler is Budh. If Candr is lonely placed in Sahaj Bhava with Drishti of male Grahas, there will be younger brothers, while the Drishti of Sukr denotes younger sisters.

Similarly are male and female. Remedies from Sankranti Birth Ch. Now listen to the method of working out Ghati Lagn. If Yuvati’s Lord is in Karm Bhava, the native will beget a disobedient wife, will be religious and endowed with wealth, sons etc. Sashra, replacing Surya, will cause swelling and hardening of the blood vessels and wounds and hits by weapons. The same degrees of deep exaltation apply to deep fall.

The apparent rising of a Rasi is due to the rotation of the earth on its own axis at a rate of motion, causing every degree of the zodiac seemingly ascend on the eastern horizon. We consider 5 portions of Grahas, ignoring that of Candr and Sukr. Sonam Sikka marked it as to-read Sep 14, There was a problem filtering brihaat right now. Budh so eastra will bring in billious diseases, while Guru in similar case will destroy any disease.

Full text of “Parashara Hora Sastra”

Mangal, placed in Yuvati, will denote association with marriageable girls those with mensesor with barren females. I have just bought it from the seller books platform These effects be declared after assessing the strength and weakness of the concerned. Judgement of Bhavas Ch. If Ari’s Lord is in Labh Bhava, the native will gain wealth through his enemies, be virtuous, adventurous and will be somewhat bereft of progenic happiness.

If the Lagn’s Lord is in Dhan, he will be gainful, scholarly, happy, endowed with good qualities, be religious, honourable and will have many wives. One with an identical longitude in comparison to Surya’s will destroy the good effects. Refresh and try again. Destruction at once of co-born will come to pass, if the said 2 Grahas are together with a malefic, or in a Rasi, owned by a malefic. For odd Rasis count from Mesh and for an even Rasi from Tula in respect of Khavedahsas each of 45′ of arc.

The reverse is the order for even Rasis in so much, as these names are cased. It is ruled by Guru.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

Books by Maharshi Parasara. Combinations for Penury Ch. He will be given to anger and will be devoid of happiness. If Sahaj’s Lord is in Randhr Bhava, the native will be a thief, will derive his livelihood serving others and will die at the gate of the royal palace. If Sahaj’s Lord is in Ari Bhava, the native will be inimical to his co-born, be affluent, will not be well disposed to his maternal uncle and be dear to his maternal aunt.

Parasada Dhan’s Lord is in Ari Bhava along with a benefic, the sastga will gain wealth through his enemies; if Dhan’s Lord is yuti hor a malefic, there will be loss through enemies apart from mutilation of shanks. The native will at the sasrta of 32 lose his child, if Rahu is in Putr, Putr’s Lord is in Yuti with a malefic and Guru is in debilitation.

Each Chaturthahs is one fourth of a Rasi. Note birth time in Ghatis and Vighatis. Again, strong during night are Candr, Mangal and Sani, while Budh is strong during day and night. Royalty authorityplace, profession livelihoodhonour, father, brijat in foreign lands and debts are to be understood from Karm Bhava. Indications of Dhan Bhava.

Reverse these from Bhima twice to know the deities for the Chaturvimshahs in an even Rasi. Effects of the Sudarshana Chakr Ch. Approximately, two hours are required for a Rasi to pass via the horizon, thereby every degree taking four minutes to ascend.

Mangal has the first 12 degrees in Mesh, as Mooltrikon with the rest therein becoming simply his own Bhava. If Sukr is in Randhr, while his dispositor is in a Rasi of Sani, death of wife will take place during the native’s 12 thor 21 st year of age.

The presiding deities of the 20 Vimshahsas in an odd Rasi are, respectively: Mangal is its ruler. There will be no gains in spite of numerous efforts, if Labh’s Lord is in fall, in combustion, or be in Ari, Randhr, or Vyaya Bhava with a malefic. Sneha marked it as to-read Sastda 18, He will be happy, selfish and kind.

Here again, the 8 th part is Lord-less. The Imperceptible part of the Lord is endowed with dual powers, while the Perceptible with triple powers. Its Lord is Sani, Surya’s offspring.