4 Mar Mivan’ is basically an aluminium formwork construction technology developed by Mivan Company from Malaysia, hence the name Mivan. 18 Sep Mivan tech. 1. Mivan Technology TEJAS ; 2. Introduction • It is the information about AdvanceTechnologies In Building Construction. 21 Jun Achieving the “3-S” system in the MIVAN formwork is quite easy. MIVAN formwork has got the unsurpassed speed of construction due to saving.

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It depends upon the length of the slab. They can be manufactured in any size and shape to suit the requirements of specific projects. In view of large depth of shear walls, the resulting stresses due to bending moment and vertical loads are smaller and in many cases, concrete alone is capable of resisting these forces.

No danger of formwork absorbing water from the concrete and minimizing honeycombing.

Mivan to be a new age construction technology

High speed of construction can be achieved by this system that means faster completion of project. MIVAN technology is suitable for constructing large number of houses within short time using room size forms to construct walls and slabs in one continuous pour on concrete.

Using this system, all the elements of a building namely, load bearing walls, columns, beams, floor slabs, stairs, balconies etc can be constructed with cast in place concrete. Today, more and more emphasis given to quality consciousness and timely delivery of projects giving motivation to the switch from conventional to innovative methods like Mivan.

The system usually follows a four day cycle: Following are the components that are regularly used in the construction. Erection of partial pre-cast components, jointing of these components using cast in-situ concrete with appropriate reinforcement. One of the measures to check the workability of concrete is its slump and to check the strength is compressive strength.

However manufactures supplying these pre-cast elements are very few hence major dependence is on setting up captive pre-cast plants. The material most commonly being used to date is timber.

How to calculate the built up area if the flat carpet area is sqft. Rose through slots specially formed in the floor slab for this purpose. The first formwork type to be used is the conventional type formwork where the timber planks were supported on timber columns. Visit n’ Tech December 1, at 1: With this growing focus on affordable housing for all, the Government and the real estate stakeholders are increasingly emphasising on the use of innovative and new construction techniques.

Civil engineers not only build but also enhance the quality of life. Newer Post Older Post Home. The steel formwork is economical than the other formwork.

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Faster completion – Unsurpassed construction speed can be achieved due to light weight of aluminium form ix. Shortage of construction manpower and mounting costs has forced the developers to try new technologies.

MIVAN is perhaps one of the most useful modern construction technologies introduced in the Indian markets.

Excellent quality of exposed concrete surface obtained. All the formwork components are received at the site whining three months after they are ordered.

MIVAN serves as a cost effective and efficient tool to solve the problems of the mega housing project all over the world. Quality and speed must be given due consideration along with consttruction. It helps in joining two joints.

Merits And Demerits Of Mivan Technology

The method of construction adopted is no difference except for that the sub — structure is constructed using conventional techniques. Solar energy helps boost power generation. It supports the deck and bears the load coming on the deck panel.

Aluminium formwork system provides aluminium formwork for RCC load bearing or RCC framed multi-storied buildings and enables the walls construcgion slabs to be poured in same operation. Following the graphical representation of the above study of rates at the different rates of formwork.

construvtion It takes about hrs simultaneously. The aluminium formwork is constrruction around the factory-made steel mesh which is directly erected on the construction site.

It is Suitable for circular or curved shaped structures such as tanks, columns, chimneys etc. Mivan is basically an aluminium formwork system developed by one of the construction company from Europe. It consists of high strength special aluminium components. This temporary casing is known as the formwork or forms or shuttering. As the strength of aluminum in handling, tension and compression is yechnology than the strength of steel, it is necessary to use large sections.

This pressure depends upon the quantity of water in the concrete, rate of pouring and the temperature. Negligible maintenance – Strong built up of concrete needs no maintenance.